Due the very bad dj consolles quality,we will not implement the native compatibility anymore! All old listed dj consoles will be still compatible.We can make compatibility with any dj console by request anyway!

Numark DMC-2 DJ Console

All DjPro Advance functions preprogrammed. The best console solution to use with djpro Advance ,from ver.74.0. Onscreen display(Tittle,Artist and program function!)
Behringer BCD-2000

Low cost console manufactured by Behringer that will satisfy most of your DJ needs. Many DJ's love it due to cost / performance ratio. It has many LED's that come alive when a function is turned on. Works with DJ Pro Advance and DJ PRO Classic.
Behringer BCD-3000

New dj console manufactured by Behringer ,same functions like BCD-2000,but more visible knobs. Works with DJ Pro Advance only.

Tuned to its perfection the console gives real satisfaction to all DAC3 lovers. Both DISPLAYS and other LIGHTS come alive. Thanks to many buttons, we were able to map all most usefull functions. All you need is there ! One hit and off you go. Works with DJ Pro Advance only.
Scratch Controller
(Visual Discomix + TASCAM)

TASCAM wheel TT-M1 gets mounted on a real turntable. The Visual Discomix scratch controller (electronic circuit) gets connected between the TT-M1 and the computer. And there you go. You are ready to scratch your MP3's from the computer using your hands on the real turntabe. This is a MUST EXPERIENCE for vinyl lovers ! Works with DJ Pro Advance only.
Hercules MK2

Low cost console manufactured by Hercules. The buttons are wired with lights. So, they get lit when a particular function is turned on. The console is quite light. Easy to transport around. It is smaller than BCD-2000, but it will also satisfy most of your DJ needs. Works with DJ Pro Advance only.

Console developed by a company from Helsinki in Finland. It is heavier than Hercues DJ Console and a bit lighter than BCD-2000. The size is about the same as Hercules DJ Console. Works fine, but you might find a lack of few more buttons (per console though).