Professional Dj Software (DOS-1995,Win version since 1997) for MIX&LIVE REMIX - DJ Pro Advance v.78.0_J

Easy to use & 100% Stable: Many DJ's have finally changed their life style from CHASING the BEAT MATCH to the new world of Visual Discomix made for LIVE REMIXING. Your time can be used creatively. Fly with the music,LIVE REMIX IT on the spot ! Surprise your audience with UNIQUE REMIXES, not with the boring invisible beat matching skills. Now with Touch-Screen only feature.It can replace the external Mixer and any dj console! VDMX Team invests thousands of hours into testing to maintain the reputation of the most reliable DJ software in the World.

DJ Times Review (by David Gadbois) Read: David Gadbois. DJ Times Review.

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